Do I need a USP for my recruitment company?

Callum Hull

Hello and welcome to the third episode of One Question Go with Mike Walmsley. Mike your question is “I’ve got so many competitors how do I go about creating a USP”?

Mike Walmsley

Well a true USP is a unique selling point it’s got to be unique but things can get copied. There are lots of different ways you can do that. You could have you know a bad hire calculator on your website for example that enables you to have a point of difference to show that you can save them time and money. There are all kinds of things there but that requires strategic thought.

On a simplistic level, you need recruiters who know how to establish a need. That’s about selling. So you know without a USP I can beat a bigger competitor and the reason I can do that is I know the right questions to ask to uncover the pains and problems that have been caused by the current supplier. Then ask the organization or the manager what are the current suppliers doing to put those things right. The answer is they’re not. Then I would give my solutions to those things as they sound in comparison and then close.

So really USPs yeah they’re around but they can get copied. I’d be more in favour of training your people how to properly establish a need in recruitment and turn them into closing demons

Callum Hull

USPs maybe not all not what they cracked up to be and just finding that niche and offering that solution is a better way to do it. Thank you so much, Mike. That’s been another episode of One Question Go

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