How to diversify into a contract recruitment desk

Callum Hull

Hello and welcome back to the second episode of one question go with Mike Walmsley. Mike your question is “we run a strong permanent recruiting company and want to diversify into a contract recruitment desk, how do we go about this”?

Mike Walmsley

Well, the biggest tip I’d give once you get it off the ground is focus. Focus gets things done. If you’re dual desking you can have successive, I’ve done a dual desk. To really drive a contract division forward you want a specialist who’s on it all day long. They’re a sales animal, they’re a closer, they’re doing it every single day. They pick up a role and close it then pick up another role and they close it.

The key is getting information from contractors. Find out who they used to report to, which recruitment company placed them in that previous job, how many contractors worked in their department and so on and that’s the key it really is.

I call it TSI, targeted sales information and if you speak to 10 contractors a day and each contractor has had three jobs and you’ve got 30 pieces of targeted sales information in one day. Multiply that by 20 days in the month you’ve got 600 hirings managers who hire contractors. Now go get them and that’s either through taking averbal reference or marketing a candidate into those organizations

Callum Hull

Target sales information! What a great takeaway Mike. Thank you for your time. That’s been another episode of One Question Go.

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