How do I talk to the decision-makers?

Callum Hull

Hello and welcome back to the fourth episode of One Question Go with Mike Walmsley. Mike your question is “I want to talk to the decision-makers how do I go about doing this?”

Mike Walmsley

Well, the best way to get to decision-makers is not necessarily to go through HR it’s to find out the names of the hiring managers. You can do that in a number of ways. Predominantly through candidates, by asking every candidate who they reported to that gives you a manager who hires those types of candidates.

Another way of doing it is senior candidate tracking. If you’re talking to a senior candidate who you cannot place build relationships with them, get information from them during those candidate-related conversations.

I think those are the two main tips but there are more: client referrals, for example, is another one. Hardly any recruiters really have a well-defined client referral strategy it’s very very easy with the right training.

Callum Hull

Start referral strategy is a great tip there amongst the others. Thank you so much for your time again Mike and that’s another episode of One Question Go with Mike Walmsley.

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