The secrets to key account management?

Callum Hull

Hello and welcome back to another episode of One Question Go with Mike Walmsley! This week Mike your question is “what are the secrets to success in key account management”?

Mike Walmsley

Well, I’d say build relationships you know. I think the best recruiters are likeable and you need to be likeable. Of course, you’ve got to be able to deliver as well but have a bit of fun with people. Understand their interests and their drivers. It’s not just about work all the time. Find out what they do at the weekend. Find out the names of their kids and so on. Make notes on your account development planner, so each key account should have an account development planner mapping out all the hiring authorities within that organization. You should be turning a cold client into a warm client and a warm client into a hot client systematically within that. I’d say meet them. Once we’re back to normal times go for drinks with them, get to know them, really understand them and of course, deliver.

Callum Hull

Relationships are so important! Lots of great advice again and that’s another episode of One Question Go!

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