Application Chatbot

What is it?

It is the front-facing chatbot that you are probably most familiar with. It sits on your company’s website and greets website visitors. It engages them in polite and efficient conversation in order to help and direct them across your site.

Unlike other chatbots you may have used, our chatbot is built using true ConversationalAi resulting in a far more human-like conversation with the visitor.

How does it work?

Your website will become easier to navigate for your candidates and clients, they will be efficiently and politely directed to their destination. This dramatically increases the candidate experience putting your recruiters on the front foot when they get to talking with the candidates.


The bot itself is custom built and can contain custom conversations. It will pop up to visitors and offer them a list of solutions to choose from.


Be it applying for a job, booking a call with a recruiter or even FAQs. From there the visitor will be provided with the answer to their question or query which you input on set up.


The chatbot also uses Machine Learning. This means that the chatbot will automatically improve over time as it begins to recognise certain words and phrases.

The Benefits

Time saved for your recruiters
Increased candidate experience
True ConversationalAi

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