Content Creation problems? Podcasts are the answer.

About me

As a marketer in the recruitment sector, I know how challenging content creation can be. I’ve been working at AiRecruiter for almost a year now and have played around with all sorts of different mediums of content to see what works best.

What I’ve found is that podcasts or video content is extremely valuable and can offer a solution across most platforms. The content you can acquire from a single podcast can last weeks. Let me explain how it works.

First, you need an idea.

You start off by creating an idea for a podcast or video series. Ensure it is something you are confident/passionate speaking about. Make it relevant to your product but also something that the wider community can benefit from. Be it tips and tricks, stories, problem-solving, mistakes, up and coming technology or trends.

In an ideal world, you want to secure a guest for your show. It allows the conversation to flow better but also offers a different opinion on the topic you are discussing.

Furthermore, it’s extremely beneficial for the social media engagement of the show. If you can tag in a name or company, you will see an increase in reach and engagement. This is because your content will be pushed to that person or companies’ followers and employees. It’s a really great way to get your company name out in the community.

Getting it filmed and edited.

Next up you need to record the content. This is the easy bit. Get on Zoom or whatever software you chose during the lockdown, invite the guests to a call, hit record, speak, hit stop, end the call and there you have it. You will have the audio files and video files to play around with.

Editing the content is sometimes challenging. It takes a decent piece of software and an understanding of basic editing. I personally use Filmora 9, I think it has everything you need for content creation, it is also one of the cheaper options on the market. There are plenty of YouTube videos you can watch to learn how to use the software but the software itself does have a pretty good tutorial.

What to do next

So, you have your edited podcast now it’s time to upload it. Upload the video footage onto YouTube and the audio onto Spotify/Apple/Google (Using Anchor). There are two pieces of content straight away across 4 platforms. Post a link on all your social channels to the podcast to maximise as much reach as possible.

Making the most of the content

It’s time to milk the content for everything it’s worth. Go onto the YouTube video and click transcript. If you click on the three dots below your video you will find that Google has created a transcript of the conversation for you.

Content creation

Now the transcript won’t be 100% perfect so it may take a bit of time to edit it but now you have the podcast in written form, these make perfect blogs. Ensure that you are maximising the SEO potential from the blog with one of the many services or plugins that are available. Always add some links back to your website homepage, links to previous episodes of the podcast and of course you should always add a call to action for the product or service you are marketing. Post the links to these blogs across socials a few days after the podcast goes live.

There is more to be extracted

There is still more content to be extracted. Take your podcast and edit little highlight clips out. It is best if these are no longer than a minute. You can use these clips across social media. Get them onto your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok. Ensure they have an attractive title to gather as many clicks as possible and of course some links to the full show etc.

Last but not least

Take quotes, statistics or phrases out of the podcast and use them as the template for a social media post. These are perfect for social media as they’re extremely quick to consume and still offer some insight. It is also a great opportunity to tag your guest back in when you give them credit for their words.

Also, worth mentioning you should always give your guests full permission to use the content. It can only benefit you. They might go on to create a blog piece of the back of the conversation and include links to your website.

In conclusion

There we have it. That’s how I use podcasts as an unbelievable source of content. I would seriously recommend them to any marketers out there who are struggling for content and who are on a smaller budget. Really quick, easy, and effective content.

I do hope all this makes sense; I do tend to splurge a bit when writing blogs so if there are any questions about what I’ve written above please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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