The future of Linkedin Video Content.

So, Linkedin video content. This won’t be the first blog you’ve read on this trend and it won’t be the last but I thought I would share my own opinions on the video content that has me captivated on LinkedIn.

What is it?

As you scroll down your Linkedin Newsfeed you are greeted with a various range of content. However, most of what you see are video ads, explainer videos, articles and links to blogs (like this one). Now all these pieces of content are great, they work, they have their uses, but they simply don’t stand out. Trying to find unique content is like trying to find someone who hasn’t taken part in a zoom quiz in the last year. Nearly impossible. This is where this video content steps in and saves your LinkedIn feed.

But what exactly Is this “video content”? Its a fairly simple concept as described by my title. You decide what you want to say, you pick up your phone and you press record. No editing, no special effects, no overlays. Nothing. It’s your face on the screen, talking for a minute, two minutes about a topic of choice. Perhaps its a company update, a personal life achievement, a description of one of your companies best features or new products. It can be pretty much anything you like! (within reason, no one cares what you had for lunch). Don’t worry I will share some examples later on in the blog. First ill explain why it is so effective.

Why does it work?t

Linkedin was changing before and has changed dramatically since lockdown. The “this isn’t Facebook” police have finally given in and Linkedin creators finally have the freedom to be a bit more creative, particularly with video content. As previously mentioned it’s unique and stands out. Automatically this results in more clicks, more views, more comments and likes. Better engagement. A marketers dream.

I have a theory as to why this is. People are missing social interaction. We aren’t talking to people as much, we aren’t getting that personal touch due to the never-ending Lockdown. This content provides that personal touch we are all craving, it genuinely feels like you can get to know a bit about someone through these short videos.

As for the increase in comments I have another theory. Leaving a comment on someone’s LinkedIn post can be a bit daunting. Especially if you don’t particularly know the person. Sharing your opinion, expressing your personality online leaves you vulnerable to be shot down or ignored. No one wants that. This video content tells your audience three things. You are personable, confident and open to peoples conversation. This encourages your audience to be the same, they feel comfortable engaging due to how personable and honest the content is.

Then what this content does so well is once you are sold on the personality they slip so well into the CTA part of the video. Usually, when watching an AD you know its an AD from the second one. With this content you barely notice the seamless slide into getting you to visit a website, sign up for a webinar, sign up for a newsletter.

Better engagement , more leads and relationships built. What’s not to love. So who does it best?

Who has conquered video content (In my opinion)

As a quick disclaimer, all of these people have given me the all-clear to use their content, and all opinions in this blog are my own.

Kicking things off with Holly Allen of G2. Holly was the first-ever video call of my working career after graduating from university. I was very nervous but Holly was a star and the call went great, but that isn’t why she’s made this list. Holly’s video content embodies everything I’ve just discussed. It’s personable, its fun, it’s honest, it’s authentic, it’s informative and it works.

Take a look at this for example…

Next up is Ryan McCabe of Odro. Those who know what Odro is will know that they’re the top dog when it comes to video tech and video content. This also shines through in Ryan’s content. Its captivating, informative, personable and certainly makes me feel like I can comment confidently and have a conversation.

Take a look at this for example…

Last but not least we have Chris Redmond of Redholt. Chris is a great guy and does wonders for his company Redholt by using his ever-growing personal brand. I once described Chris as having a recruiters brain and a marketers mouth (meant in the best way possible of course).

Take a look here…

To summarise on video content…

So there we have it. The video content I love and can see becoming a bit more of a thing on LinkedIn in the coming months. It works tremendously well , it’s quick and it’s honest.

I highly recommend everyone give it a go! I know I certainly will!

Callum Hull

Head of Marketing at AiRecruiter

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