Always ask for testimonials to find the best candidates! – The Recruitment Masterclass

I used to like working on the hard to fill roles, I could get better terms and conditions, a lot of the competition wouldn’t be working on them, but has to start somewhere. So I need to start with a one qualified candidate.

Once I’ve got the qualified candidate, I would say to that person, okay to help me get you a better job get you more interviews, can you refer me to ex-colleagues or colleagues who give you a testimonial? verify what’s on your resume, often there was say more the skills that this person had.

Once I’ve typed that up and improve their resume, I’ve got the name of two potential candidates I can place in this niche area or hard to fill the area. So as a thank you, I’d often say, Well, how about I take you out for a coffee, and then it’s another way may be building up the talent pool? Here’s a couple of roles I’ve got, you know, maybe you would be good for this role, or a couple of friends or colleagues could be good for this role as well.

So I’m constantly building up my database of great people, qualified people, particularly in a niche area. And these candidates are often not on LinkedIn, they’re not on my competitor’s database. It makes another reason why I’m unique with my clients. Why my clients work with me exclusively and why my clients will pay me a higher fee.—-The-Recruitment-Masterclass-eniop9

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