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My candidates were not always the best qualified but they’d always ace their interviews. It reminds me of the story of Junko. I got a soft copy of her resume she looked perfect on paper. I was very excited I thought this is going to be an easy placement for me.

When I met her for interview prep my heart dropped. She was very timid and softly spoken and she wasn’t that confident in English. I reminded myself she’s very well qualified. So I spent 30 minutes with her giving her interview prep. She walked away from that coffee with a smile on her face a spring in her step.

She went for the interview got the job and I got my placement fee. Later on, when I spoke to the client he said hey Nick you got to send me more rock stars like that. She asked me some great questions and she was really interested in the role.

So from then on…

I prepped every candidate I represented and here’s what I did. All my candidates went in with a nice leather folder clean pad and a nice looking pen. Inside the pad, there were six questions we prepared earlier. They promised me they were going to ask at least two of these questions at the end of the interview.

They took in the detailed job description I’d already prepared so when the client asked what they knew about the role they could answer better than the competition. At the end of the interview, I always ask my candidates to say I’m really interested in the role. I can do this role. what’s the next step.

Finally, they’ve always got to look the best. Wear your best suit. Polish your shoes. Brush your hair. Clean your teeth. Have a firm handshake.

If you want your candidates to ace the interview you gotta prep them really well.

Nick Johnston

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