I’ve had the Google Mini Nest Generation for Fifty One hours and this is how it has already boosted my productivity as a marketer!

I made my first Black Friday 2020 purchase this week and bought a Google Mini Nest from the worlds second-largest tech company, first being AiRecruiter obviously. 

I’ve always enjoyed using the Google assistant software on my phone so figured it would be a useful tool in this form. I’m not usually one for massively getting the most out of tech and probably use most of my gadgets to 25% of their full capabilities (probably shouldn’t say that as an employee of a tech company)

So please don’t make a purchase of the back of this review and see this as more of an idiots guide to the Google Nest Mini…

Right, first off we have Google Reminders. Pretty much what it says on the tin, your Google Mini will remind you of what you ask it to. For example, yesterday after a series of meetings I realised I had a lot of things to do before the end of this week. Be it website updates, animating videos, emailing and content creation (such as this blog). This can all be quite overwhelming and somewhat hard to remember the details of each specific task. 

So I decided to utilise my Google Mini to help me out, I asked Google to remind me of each specific task and the details involved, as well as what time I wanted to be reminded. 

I.e create a post about how AiRecruiter generates an average of 50 job leads a week at 10 am and Create explainer video explaining why AiRecruiter is the best recruitment chatbot on the market at 1 pm. This has really helped me break down my day into slots of work instructed by Google. Of course, you could use a pen and paper but where is the fun in that.

Secondly, we have the integration with Google Calendar. Once again seems fairly self-explanatory but still very useful. Every morning when I wake up Google checks my Calendar and reads out to me what meetings and events I have on that day. Google also provides me with information about each meeting including what service the call will be held on. Which is very useful since Covid-19 has caused the use of about 100 online conferencing platforms to hold meetings on, why can’t we all just use one!?!? But anyway, another useful tool. 

Finally, the speaker function. I love to listen to music while I work, it helps me focus and makes me feel a lot more relaxed. Having music that I can control with my voice from across the room is great and has already increased my productivity.

However, I have also found it useful when editing podcasts. As part of my role at AiRecruiter, I edit The Recruitment Acceleration Show (Available on Youtube and Spotify). I have been using the Google Mini to play the audio aloud, to listen for any imperfections or pauses in the conversations. By doing this I get a better understanding of the listening experience our audience goes through. 

So that’s my idiot’s guide to the Google Mini 2. I’ve very much enjoyed the product so far and would recommend anyone picking it up this Black Friday Weekend. 

Definitely interesting to see that ConversationalAi can help in a matter of ways. This is what we do at AiRecruiter, use ConversationalAi to help recruitment businesses grow.

Goes without saying that this isn’t sponsored or by any means a paid advertisement for Google, but if Sundar Pichai is reading this I would be more than happy to do some influencer work for you in the future.


Head of Marketing at AiRecruiter


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