The all-in-one conversational automation tool for agency recruiters

Built For Agency Recruiters

Uses True Artificial Intelligence

Fully Customisable Conversations

Built By Recruitment Experts

What we do in under 2 minutes

AiRecruiter allows you to maximise the return on investment of your candidate database by using ConversationalAi to automate high volume tasks such as candidate screening, shortlisting, database re-engagement, registration, sourcing and gathering compliance documents – providing a more engaging conversational experience.

Our use cases

AiRecruiter uses chatbots with ConversationalAI to supercharge staffing and recruitment businesses.

AiRecruiter automates conversations with candidates and clients to find growth opportunities for your business.

Find out more about how we can supercharge your business

Screen your candidates
Find new business lines
Automate your FAQs
Enrich your candidate database
24/7 Conversations
Grow your business
Is your candidate database out of date?

AiRecruiter can clean and update your candidate database allowing your recruiters to have faith in the data.

Is your recruitment process long winded?

By using AiRecruiter to screeen candidates you can streamline your recruitment process and place more candidates.

Are your website conversion rates low?

By using AiRecruiter's front facing chatbot you can engage visitors and get them to their end goal more efficiently.

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