How to combat the rise in price of job boards by using your CRM!


With Jobboard costs rising there has never been a better time to improve the data you have in your CRM.

We frequently speak with business leaders who want to change behaviours in their teams around CRM use.

The perception by consultants is often that CRM data isn’t as up to date as the job boards and LinkedIn.

Yet business owners continually find candidates that are placed from “outside” sources that are later found to already be in the CRM

Quite often dismissed as a time-sapping and thankless task with low yields, when done in the right way “candidate regeneration” can help you rediscover some real diamonds.

Below are some stats from a recent campaign

75% of candidates provided new data that was missing or out of date on the CRM

35% of candidates were found to be active or interested in opportunities

30% 0f candidates booked a follow-up call or meeting with a consultant

These results were achieved without any human intervention in less than 2 hours while freeing up the team to place candidates and close deals.

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