It is time to automate mundane tasks

Latest Bullhorn data suggests that automating routine tasks saves an average of 3.2 hours per day per employee.

This is one of our main focuses here at AiRecruiter.

We love saving recruiters time. A recruiters time is much better spent doing what they do best than the mundane daily tasks.

One way we do this is by regenerating your candidate database. Let’s say you have a database of 20,000 candidates. Our data says that 19200 profiles will have data missing, data that is incorrect or data that is outdated.

This leaves your recruiters frustrated and lacking trust in your database, a database that should be one of your most useful and reliable tools when it comes to sourcing the top talent.

Do you want your recruiters to spend 3.2 hours a day reaching out to these 19,200 candidates and correcting the data? No, we would imagine you don’t.

AiRecruiter reaches out to those 19,200 candidates via SMS/Email and engages them, talks to them, and sources all of that missing/out of date/incorrect data.

It then seamlessly feeds it back into your CRM.

Save your recruiters time and give them the power of your database back. You will place more candidates.

Get in touch today and we can tell you more about what AiRecruiter can do!

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