Is your candidate database out of date?

Every day we speak with Recruitment leaders who tell us that their candidate database is out of date. It’s the one task everyone knows they should be doing but they still aren’t.

A business I spoke with this morning told me it’s been some time since we cleaned our data as it’s just such a huge task.

However 80% of the candidates they place – were later found to be already on their database. Just imagine how much time could be saved if the data was up to date and complete? How much💰 could you save on job board and Linkedin sourcing?

AiRecruiter has been designed to take away this pain. We can update availability & multiple data points straight to your CRM. We will even automate the booking of calls with available & suitable candidates – straight into your calendar.

Stop putting off this task – Let us show you the smart way to update and engage with your candidate database!

Read more about activating your database here.

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