Automation places candidates

Here is a story on why automation is so important in recruitment from Callum Hull

Walking around town all I’m seeing is job adverts. Nearly every single coffee shop and restaurant have a sign in the door saying they desperately need staff.

One coffee shop was closed at a peak time due to staff shortages.

I can’t begin to imagine how busy recruiters are right now. They must be under some serious time pressure.

Recruiters are brilliant but at the same time, they need help.

Imagine how many more candidates your recruiters could place if they didn’t have to spend their time scheduling, screening and answering FAQs amongst other mundane tasks.

The simple solution is AiRecruiter.

Let us automate those mundane tasks using our intelligent AI technology.

– We greet, source, schedule and screen candidates.
– We also reactivate your candidate database ensuring all the information is correct and up to date.

Imagine how many more candidates your recruiters could place with all this extra time and information at their disposal?

At AiRecruiter we are focused on allowing your recruiters to do what they do best. Place candidates.

If this is something you are interested in then please get in touch with me or click the link in the comments to book your discovery call today.

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