What is it?

Most recruiters don’t check the candidate database when sourcing for a new role. Why is this? It’s because most likely the data is out of date, missing or incorrect.

Here at AiRecruiter, we understand that this is a problem that would take ample time to fix and also one that worsens every day.

This is why we created our Reactivate module. The reactivate module cleans and updates your candidate databases. Reactivate enriches your candidate database by updating candidate profiles by engaging with candidates in a quick and easy conversation.

How does it work?

Simply select the list of candidates you want to outreach to in your CRM, Click on the AiRecruiter button to choose how and when you want to outreach, it’s a simple as that.


The candidate is then invited to a chat in which they’re asked questions about their current roles, expectations and what they’re looking for in the future or any other important question you would like to ask.


This information is then passed back into your CRM and automatically updated within that candidate’s profile – ensuring no notes are missed.


This gives your recruiters the power to have confidence in the data on your database meaning your database will become your greatest sourcing tool.

The Benefits

Time saved for your recruiters

Increased Candidate Experience

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