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Hello and welcome to another episode of the 120-second recruitment podcast I’m joined here by Dougie from Odro and Dougie your question is if you could give one piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?

Dougie Loan

Perfect, cheers callum thank you and so I’m going to cheat on this one I’m going to say there are two pieces of advice that I would give to my younger self um so the first one would be uh my first one would be passionate and find something that you’re passionate about.

I think when we’re first starting out in our careers and all that kind of stuff where we’re taking jobs we’re dipping our toes in the water right and we’re trying to find things. I think that if you’re not passionate about something then it definitely feels like work. You can probably get away with doing 40 hours a week and earn enough money to get by on something that you’re not passionate about but why would you want to spend 40 hours a week doing that? You could actually find a passion and go with it. The reason I say that is because if you find something you’re passionate about you’ll probably find yourself doing 60 70 hours a week at it and it won’t feel like work and it will actually help you and enable you to reach your goals.

I think this might be a bit soppy but I genuinely believe that the people that accelerate their careers in a quick and fast manner and achieve everything they want to achieve typically do that because they find something they’re passionate about. Because they can put the work in, the effort in and it doesn’t actually feel like work. So that’s my first piece of advice.

Then the second part because I’m cheating your question is also to be patient. When you find that passion and you’re really passionate about something and you’re giving it sixty seventy eighty hours a week whatever it may be your putting in, you can want everything to happen now. But actually what you’ve got to understand is just because you’re passionate about it and just because you’re putting the work into it doesn’t mean that everything’s going to come tomorrow. That doesn’t mean you should give up on it either. So, find that passion, find something that you’re passionate about putting the work in and the effort in and desire into it and make sure that you’re patient enough to then see it through and get the results at another end of it. Don’t just give up on it because you think of the results that you wanted on the first day

Callum Hull

I mean that’s fantastic advice and I completely agree with everything you just said I think passion’s so important I mean I love what I do and I can tell you love what you do. I feel you have hit the nail on the head there so thank you so much for coming on the podcast! I really appreciate your time and you’ve had some great answers

Dougie Loan

Cheers, Callum thanks for having me.


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