How to automate your compliance process

At AiRecruiter we focus on developing conversational workflows to help accelerate the recruitment process, automate high volume/low-value conversations and help unblock bottlenecks in recruitment processes.

One challenge that came up in many conversations is the collection of important information and documents during the initial registration/ onboarding process of candidates – specifically in the Healthcare, Education, Care & Rail sectors(and many more).

By adding a conversational layer to this process we have seen an instant increase in engagement and completion rates.

We simply turn the traditional form into a natural conversation. This allows the candidates to upload their documents and even come back to the same part of the process if they need to find the relevant documents.

We know that candidates will often disengage from the traditional process – if they do we can “nudge” them by SMS or email and allow them to pick up the process from where they left off.

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