Bullhorn X AiRecruiter

AiRecruiter are excited to announce their latest integration with Bullhorn

The integration allows Bullhorn users to have data flow freely and quickly between AiRecruiter and Bullhorn, meaning Bullhorn users don’t have to leave the Bullhorn environment to use AiRecruiter.

AiRecruiter allows you to maximise the return on investment of your candidate database by using conversational Ai to automate high volume tasks such as candidate screening, shortlisting, database re-engagement, registration, sourcing and gathering compliance documents – providing a more engaging conversational experience.

We know that in current market conditions the value of your data health has never been greater. We can help keep your candidate’s data up to date, keeping them engaged and helping you to streamline your candidate engagements from application to screening and onboarding – giving you more time to focus on the human elements of your business.

If you are a Bullhorn customer please get in touch so we can show you how AiRecruiter can not reduce your companies time to hire but also cut your sourcing costs in half.




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