What do you say to a client that isn’t hiring?

Callum Hull – Hello and welcome to the first-ever episode of One Question Go with Mike Walmsley and Mike your very first question is what do you say to a client that says they aren’t hiring?

Mike Walmsley – Well, there’s a few things really. The first is I want to qualify how often they hire so that I can decide how much of my time to invest developing that account. These are routine questions. You know finding out how many staff they’ve got. How often they recruit typically in a 12 month period. Finally, what their hiring plans might be for the coming year.

The second thing is with the client if I decide that they’re worth investing my time. I want to close them to committing for the next hire. Hardly anyone does this it’s pure sales you know. To convince a client who’s not hiring to guarantee to give you the next vacancy exclusively when they do hire is a sales capability it’s really really important.

Callum Hull – There we go that was the first episode of One Question Go with Mike Walmsley. Thank you so much for your time.

Mike Walmsley – Pleasure

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