The Truth About AI Technology in Recruitment

I was just reading an article this morning I just wanted to write a quick blog just to share my thoughts on it. The article was on The Global Recruiter it was an article around AI. AI specifically in the world of recruitment.

Astoundingly 45% of recruiters in the UK are considering using AI in some way shape or form for recruiting and talent acquisition strategies going forward. I think this is a really really good start. Already there’s around 39% of recruiters actually embracing and using Ai technology. In my eyes, it’s those early adopters that will see the best benefits from using this technology.

I think there’s a lot of myths around the world of AI. Whenever there’s a new emerging technology it’s always one of these things where people are a bit unsure. We always get a lot of people sat on the fence. I mean I’m still hearing stories and people are telling me that the “AI robots are going to take our jobs” and that “we don’t want to use it because we don’t want to see people out of work”. That’s not true AI is there to help you drive efficiencies and enhance the work you do. Ultimately it gives you more time to spend building relationships with people.

Just to give you an example of some of the things that we are helping our clients with right now…
  • We’re helping drive up engagement on websites with both clients and candidates.
  • We’re helping increase the potential for referrals by asking for referrals in every single conversation.
  • We’re driving new business leads into our clients every single day.
  • We’re updating the conversations that we have and we’re adding them into the CRM automatically.
  • We help drive up and reduce the drive up engagement but reduce the time that it takes to get a candidate or an applicant through the process.
  • We bundle up the process of application.
  • We screen them and then get them booked straight in the calendar so you can get the very best talent in front of you before the competition.
  • Most importantly we reach out to candidates at scale on our client’s databases and update their details. So when you need to go into your database and look for the very best talent it’s there, it’s updated and it’s relevant. You can speak to them before your competitors.

If you want to know more about AI and how it can help enhance your talent acquisition strategies get in touch today. We as recruitment experts would love to show you how it can benefit your business.

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Craig Howard

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