The best advice you have ever been given?

Callum Hull – Hello and welcome back to another episode of the 120 Second Recruitment Podcast this week I’m joined by Lisa Jones. Lisa your very first question is “what is the best advice you have ever been given?”

Lisa Jones – The best advice I’ve ever been given is to buy what you can afford and use it well. The reason I spout this at my clients a lot is often they are guided a little bit too often by the cost of what they want to do as opposed to the impact it’s going to have on their business.

As a result of covid, we know now if we could have gone back in time cleaned up our data (Reactivate) to use our systems better or a lot better then we might have probably got through it a bit easier. So the best advice I’ve ever been given buy what you can afford and bloody use it!

Callum Hull – I mean that’s great advice that’s brilliant advice yeah buy what you can afford and use it. That perfectly moves on to your second question which is “what is the one common myth about recruitment that you wish to debunk”?

Lisa Jones – So the one common myth that I wish to debunk is very simple it’s about the fact that you can dump a load of data and systems onto a recruiter and somehow they’ll magically bill without any training whatsoever.

Rather you could spend loads of money on the system and because you’ve spent loads of money on the system you’ve bought what you can afford you end up not actually having any money left to get the end-user using it.

I’m a big fan of recruitment it’s actually very simple but over recent years it’s been made quite complicated by too many systems, not enough processes.

So the myth I’d like to debunk is humans need to be shown what to do and on a regular basis. Even if it’s just a park run, using your mobile phone or something as sophisticated as changing a candidate’s life by finding them a fabulous job!

Callum Hull – Brilliant! That’s a brilliant answer and I’ve loved it! Thank you so much for coming on.

Lisa Jones – You’re welcome! thank you for having me!

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