Robin Doenicke – T120SRP Transcript

Callum Hull:

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the 120 Second Recruitment Podcast I am joined by Robin Doenicke and Robin your first question is “what is the best sales set to be more successful within recruitment?”

Robin Doenicke

I would say the best sales tip I can give is really another sales is that it’s all about being present. This idea of presence I think is incredibly powerful and it’s something we seem to condition ourselves out of. We get so caught up in our stories about how we think things should be how we want them to be and we remove ourselves from what’s actually happening. You know when I argue with reality I lose every single time so the more present I am the more I’m outside of my story the more engaged I can be with what’s happening.

I think authenticity is one of the best tools you can bring to your work as a recruiter. It’s great because it’s not a tool. It’s not something you apply you either are or you’re not. I feel the best way to be authentic to be yourself is just to be present just to be there here and now when you’re engaged with your recruiting work on a day-to-day basis your client or candidate discussions.

Callum Hull

I think that’s great. You’ve got to be yourself at work and I try to do that myself. Robin that leads perfectly onto your second question which is “if you had an extra “X” amount of budget how would you spend it?”

Robin Doenicke

I would definitely put it towards anything that took people out of the context of the office. Out of sales training or recruitment tools or anything like that. Put them in an environment where they can truly challenge themselves. Where they can challenge their own beliefs which are largely often self-limiting and tap in and get a glimpse of just how much potential they have.

For example, we did this great Wim Hof expedition last year in the Nagano mountains in the middle of winter. We took 15 people basically just in our swimming costumes hiking through the Nagano tundra and went swimming into the icy frozen lakes. The difference that it made in terms of cohesion community and in terms of self-belief was tremendous!

Callum Hull

That sounds very adventurous! Robin you’ve been a fantastic guest thank you so much coming on!

Robin Doenicke

Thank you!

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