AiRecruiter is your ideal recruiter!

Introducing AiRecruiter…

Imagine your ideal recruiter:

  • they are always on the ball,
  • they keep in touch with your existing candidates,
  • they’re always finding new ones,
  • they always ask the right questions every time and even update your CRM.
  • They are the 1st to the office and the last to leave.

Well, we have a chatbot that can be your ideal recruiter. 

Why do you need a bot like this?

Because you know the reality that most recruiters…

  • don’t follow up with existing candidates they spend all their time finding new candidates on LinkedIn & job boards.
  • They forget to ask for referrals. 
  • They’re too busy to ask for job leads. 
  • They don’t update your CRM. 

The net result is that candidates complain they never hear from you & end up getting placed with your competitors often with your clients.

The AiRecruiter is your ideal recruiter chatbot that will:

  • Re-activate candidates already on your database. It will proactively engage with them and update their profiles on your CRM.
  • It will always ask your applicants and candidates for recommendations, their friends, colleagues, and family members who might be perfect for your roles. 
  • We save you time. We ask candidates where they have interviewed. You benefit from a constant flow of new client leads which you can access and be tracked in your CRM. 
  • The AiRecruiter Bot  Pre-screens your applicants. It asks them the most important questions so you can work with the most relevant candidates. 
  • It converts your candidate and client website visitors into active customers. It smoothly engages the window-shopper in conversation.
  • Your chatbot works 24/7 and answers candidate questions automatically.

Your candidates will love you and you have more time to do what really matters: Place candidates with clients.

And with the AiRecruiter you will have many more of both!

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