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Yesterday I was asked a question about our AiRecruiter chatbot which is something if I’m honest with you I get asked quite a lot. So I thought I’d just make a quick video.

The Question

The question that was asked was why would I choose to use something like AiRecruiter over and above a generic off-the-shelf chatbot platform, that I can just plug and play into my website?

Well, the answer’s simple the generic chatbot is very simple. Like getting someone off the street or a concierge or someone like that can answer very basic questions. It can point people in the right direction and basically you know to provide some people with some help.

The problem is with that if you go a little bit off-piste or you have a question or a query that isn’t pre-programmed into that system the thing falls down. It leads to a terrible user experience. I’m sure we’ve all had these over the last 12 months. When we’ve been trying to interact with a website during Covid. Trying to get our money back from our plane tickets and things like that. Where all we want to do is get through to a human.

The Solution

The flip side is with AiRecruiter we work only with recruitment agencies. We’ve been developed by a team of recruitment technology and recruitment professionals that have a deep understanding of the recruitment process.

So not only can we do everything the generic chatbot can do, we can help people we can point people in the right direction. We then use ConversationalAi to give a much better user experience so it’s almost like talking to a human.

The hidden facet or the facet that a traditional chatbot doesn’t have is we can also start to then look for opportunities in every single conversation. Which is something that you know a business that doesn’t understand recruitment quite frankly never would do.

So not only can we help you with visitors to your website. We can Increase conversions interactions. We can start to give you a tangible ROI.

Is this something you’d be interested in learning more about?

Get in touch and I’d be more than happy to explain.


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Text that says why should I use the AiRecruiter Chatbot

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