Using The Wrong Website Tools?

There are so many great tools out there in the marketplace right now. It must be really tough for recruitment organizations to try and choose what’s best for them. I see a huge amount of focus on driving visitors and driving people back to recruitment websites. However, there is very little focus on what to do with people once they arrive there. Sadly it’s always been the case with recruitment websites it’s kind of a bit of a leaky colander. There’s a huge amount of traffic driving to the website but sadly the very small amount of it converting into an opportunity, a lead, a candidate, a potential client.

We have seen a lot of people start to adopt chatbot technology. Sadly in a lot of cases that is something that is more generic and not really considered for the world of recruitment.

I had a conversation with one of our clients this morning. They told me that over the last month the conversion rate using our tool on their website was 90 per cent. So that’s 90 per cent of people that use the tool completed the conversation. They ended up in a scenario where they either got the information they needed, they were provided with a route to an application or they provided the client with the lead.

Does that sound like a better solution to you? if it does then we need to talk.

Craig Howard

Head of sales at AiRecruiter

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