Mike Walmsley – The 120 Second Recruitment Podcast

Callum Hull:

Hello and welcome to another episode of The 120 Second Recruitment Podcast. I am joined by Mike Walmsley. Mike your first question is “the best sales tip to be more successful in recruitment”.

Mike Walmsley:

Well, there are so many things I could choose Callum. Client referrals are one you know to get a strategy to develop client referrals and a number of others actually. The one I’m going to choose is closing for commitment to the next vacancy or requirement when a customer is not recruiting.

You know people talk about old school, new school, recruitment technology. Look recruitment’s about selling, of course, you use the best technologies and so on.

I promise you 20 years ago people were not closing for commitment to the next vacancy back then and the majority of people still not doing it.

So the sales ability to draw the customer down the pathway in a conversation and get them to say yes Callum I’ll call you exclusively when I next hire. Or yes I’ll call you first when I next hire. Or yes I’ll call you alongside my current suppliers when I next hire and to get them to pretty much agree to that and follow up in an email.

It’s not particularly difficult and I choose that one.

Callum Hull:

That’s a great answer and then moving on to your second question it’ll be “the best decision you’ve ever made?”

Mike Walmsley:

Well, I hope this doesn’t sound a bit tripe but it’s getting into recruitment. Why do I say that? Well, the things I’ve learned in recruitment you know to become a better salesperson. To improve you know the way that you deal with people. To be able to pull deals together those are transferable skills to many other sectors.

How did I get to end up filming 700 videos in the world of recruitment, how did I end up presenting for three or four hundred people at recruitment events globally? I think a lot of that came from the confidence of being a top performer in recruitment, working my way up the ladder and becoming an MD of business so for me it has to be getting into recruitment.

Callum Hull:

That’s brilliant 700 videos is crazy! Congratulations on that. I hope you enjoyed this episode! Mike, you’ve been fantastic! Tune in for the next one.


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