Automation within recruitment?

Martyn Redstone makes an appearance on The 120 Second Recruitment Podcast! we discuss automation within Recruitment and whether AiRecruiter is too good to be true.

Callum Hull

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the 120 Second Recruitment Podcast. I am joined by Martyn Redstone. He’s a chatbot specialist. Martyn your first question is, “what parts of the recruitment process can be automated?”

Martyn Redstone

That’s a great question thanks for having me Callum on the 120 Second podcast. It’s a great question. There are so many things in the recruitment process that can be automated.

When I’m talking to people (recruitment businesses or actual recruiters) around what can be automated it tends to be processes or conversations when we talk about chatbots. Conversations that are high volume, very repetitive, very robotic and take recruiters away from doing what they do best. Bogging them down in what is an absolute admin nightmare.

So we tend to start right at the beginning of the recruiting process. That’s where most of the conversations that can be automated happen

Callum Hull

Okay great, there’s definitely space for automation within recruitment. Martyn that leads on to your second question AiRecruiter are the kings of recruitment automation. “Is AiRecruiter too good to be true”?

Martyn Redstone

I wish it was but it’s not. It’s real and people are using it every day. Ultimately AiRecruiter is being designed to help recruitment businesses grow using conversational automation chatbots, messaging automation and ConversationalAi.

It’s not too good to be true the point is it sounds too good to be true. It’s been designed by people that are experts in running recruitment businesses and people that are experts in designing superior chatbot experiences for the people that are using them.

Callum Hull

That’s exactly right and that’s why AiRecruiter is the best of what it does. So thank you Martyn for your time. It’s been great! If you’ve enjoyed this episode lookout for the next one!

Martyn Redstone

Thanks a lot

Automation within recruitment

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