Should you Co-create a job description?

Here’s a way to position yourself as a true professional. When I meet a client and I’m taking down the job description the first question I always ask is this. How do my competitors position you in the market? The usual response is silence. They’ve never been asked this before.

Now I have the client really engaged. I’m on the front foot. So let’s sit down together and turn this generic Job Description into something that’s gonna get the best candidates in the market interested.

This is not rocket science, of course, there are great questions you want to ask which you know already. What’s a normal day in a life in this role? Tell me about that person who did this role before why they were so good? But the key to this is co-creating the job spec with your client.

When I get back to my desk the first thing I do is update the job description while everything’s fresh in my mind. I then send it to my clients right away, of course, the next thing I do is call my rockstar candidates to make sure they hear about the role from me first. The client gets and appreciates real value from the job description we co-created. I made the process quick and easy and differentiate myself from the competition. Now’s a great time to pitch an exclusive search.

All you need to do is ask.


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