How to find unique candidates?

Well how do I do it?

I asked a magic question and the question is can you give me the name of a rock star you work with in the past? Once I got the name of someone they work with in the past who was a high-performing person, I go back to my desk update the database call them up.

So the constant stream of like great candidates I could talk to. Of course you
know they may not be inactive but in my experience when once I got the great opportunity for them they were interested everyone’s interested when a great opportunity comes along.

I mean for some candidates once I got one name it wouldn’t stop me getting more names some candidates are very open they’ve got a good relationship with them so they’ll give me more names of people they’re working with now or I’ll just go through the resume and look at previous companies they’ve worked with. I could walk away with five to ten names so I would always ask the candidate when I first met them that would be a good habit of mine I would always get in the routine of doing this he’d be quite natural for me to do this

But it wouldn’t stop me saying this and other parts of the process I mean one example that springs to mind I place the guy it’s about to join the client a week before he’d call me up Nick “I don’t want to join I changed my mind I’m staying with Swiss investment bank” so I met the guy for a coffee I realized after ten minutes there was no changing him so I asked him directly “hey mate you’ve got to give me a couple of rock star names here because I’ve got to fill the role I’m gonna look very bad with my client”. He gave me two names I filled the role I think the client said the candidate was better than him so the client was happier and then I place another one of his friends as well.

This was a good hobby of mine I did this with every candidate I met what was the benefit of it I had a constant source of great candidates coming through all of the time unique candidates this will made me different to a very hot marketplace in Japan.

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